Heinz Ziegenbein GmbH & Co. KG recently received an award in recognition of ethical business conduct and upholding of the principles of honourable business practices, and was admitted to membership of the "Ethik Society". The company is now entitled to call itself a "Member of the Ethik Society" and is therefore a member of a group which, within the framework of the "Ethik Society", engages with the issues of integrity, ethics and sustainable economic activity at a political, social, economic and personal level.
Additional storage space
For greater flexibility in dealing with orders in future, we expanded our storage capacity again in the summer of 2017 by adding approx. 200m² We are now therefore in a position to provide our customers with better service than ever before in terms of delivery according to requirements and speed of delivery.
Coating of genuine leather
We can now offer our customers the coating of genuine leather with a variety of different adhesive systems. This is based on new production processes developed by us. As a result, we can now offer leather coatings with a self-adhesive bonding system based on acrylates and coatings. In addition, we have also developed a process for the coating of leather hides, meaning piece goods, with hot-melt adhesives.
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