Innovative Products and Tailor-Made Solutions

We are offering a range of technical fabrics, such as:

  • Shirting
  • Cloth and linen binding
  • Gauze cloths
  • Hinge cloths (paper laminated gauzes)
  • Crepe paper and coated paper

All materials can be offered with a gummed or self-adhesive layer and with heat seal coating. Traditional book covers are another part of our product range. We also produce fluorescent safety threads for products used in safety areas.

With our new laminating department and with other partners we primarily specialise in:

  • Heat seal coated paper
  • Heat activated coating on fabrics
  • Contract coating

All material is assembled in-house, thus ensuring best quality for all of our products.

We also offer custom cutting of glass fibre cloths and other specialty material into all requested sizes (up to a maximum of 110 cm width and 100 cm length). This service is also available for rolls (especially narrow rolls up to 20 mm).

Do you have any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us!