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Our History

We have come a long way: In 1900 the brothers Isidor and Arthur Heidenheimer started to refine textile products to utilise them for special purposes (as cigar bands and hinge bands for cigar boxes and for the electrical industry). Later, the Jewish entrepreneurs expanded their range of products with gauze cloths, shirting and linen binding for book manufacture.

In 1936 Isidor and Arthur Heidenheimer sold their company to Georg Ziegenbein who handed over the business to his son Heinz. In 1963, son Günther took over and realigned the company. New services were introduced: Besides custom cutting, fabrics were now also available with different surface coatings. These special coatings have been in demand at home and abroad.

Our Company Today

Today the two sons Fionn & Felix lead the Business of the Heinz Ziegenbein GmbH & Co. KG. Günther Ziegenbein is still active in sales and projectdevelopment.

Since October 2008, KTD Kaschiertechnik GmbH, based in Schorndorf, is a subsidiary of Heinz Ziegenbein GmbH & Co. KG. Thanks to its technical know-how and production capabilities lamination has become a valuable addition to Heinz Ziegenbein GmbH & Co. KG.

We unite technical skills:

We unite technical skills